Corporate business

Trade finance-reverse factoring
Reverse factoring refers that with regard to the accounts receivables (AR) to be paid by the buyer with high credibility (the core enterprise), our bank may directly provide factoring services to the creditor (supplier), subject to such conditions that the core enterprise consents to refer suppliers/provide AR information to our bank, consents that the supplier shall transfer the AR-related creditor’s rights to our bank and consents to make payments according to our bank’s payment instructions etc.

Cash management –RMB fund pool
RMB fund pool is a product where the funds can be managed centrally. It facilitates the customer’s concentrating the funds into the “cash pool” and hence the membership enterprises may conditionally utilize the funds subject to internal financial management requirements. The product supports multiple-tier account management system and can enforce internal pricing against the pooled funds based on the customers’ requests.

International business-credit letter issuance under cargo pledge
It’s a closed-type short-term financing credit business where as requested by the importer and subject to the importer’s payment of a certain percentage of security margin as per the credit approval provisions, a letter of credit (the “L/C” ) will be issued while the cargo ownership under the L/C will be transferred to our bank as a pledge so that our bank can monitor the importer’s transaction behaviors by managing such cargo ownership and if necessary adopt proper measures to mitigate risks.

Offshore business-Cross-border Express
Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. provides integrated banking financial services encompassing both onshore and offshore business services. You can fully leverage the bank’s full range of services available covering onshore business as well as offshore banking licensed business to reduce cost of money, accelerate capital turnover both home and abroad and enhance fund use efficiency.