Retail business

Our newly upgraded “Jujinbao” offers such new trading varieties as Au (T+D) and Ag (T+D) on the basis of its existing physical gold trading products. With state-of-the-art system and quality service, it aims to usher in a new era of precious metals investment.

Ping An “Payroll Service”
We whole-heartedly take care of what you have worked so hard to earn. Ping An “Payroll Service” is the integrated finance service that PAB especially designs for payroll customers. Thanks to the combination of competitive products and unique services of PAG’s three business pillars of investment, insurance and banking, it will bring “exclusive, professional and convenient” financial experience to enterprises and their employees.

A solution designed to facilitate the development of “small and micro” businesses. The function of collection of receivables paid by card swiping enables real-time receiving of payments for goods; the function of payment can realize intra-bank fund transfer, inter-bank fund transfer, fund transfer between cards, and fund transfer between card and account; the function of balance inquiry keeps you timely updated on the changes in fund.

Automatic investment plan (AIP)
Automatic Investment Plan refers to a kind of investment business in which customers authorize sales agencies to automatically deduct funds in accordance with previously agreed date, way of deduction and amount as well as submit fund share subscription application. Just invest a few hundred yuan, you will be able to reap the harvest in the future. As long as you stick to it and don’t give up easily, it will be earlier to achieve your wealth management goals.

FX Express (Huiyingtong)
An advanced foreign exchange trading platform that PAB carefully builds. By logging onto the foreign exchange trading platform, individual investors will have the opportunities to take advantage of the frequent fluctuations on the foreign exchange market to achieve the goals of avoiding exchange rate risk and making profit from exchange rate and interest rate difference.

A flagship brand that PAB carefully build for its CNY and FCY wealth management products. Under this brand, we offer several different types of products to satisfy customers’ different needs for profitability and liquidity, including structured products, principal-guaranteed products, non-principal-guaranteed products, bank-trust cooperation products, and portfolio products.

About the product:
UPL refers to unsecured personal loan applied by the borrower to the Bank for the consumption purpose such as buying house, car or store, refurbishment or travelling, etc. It can be also used in business operation by the self-employed. UPL is characteristic of high limit, rapid disbursement and low interest rate.

First-hand home mortgage
About the product:
First-hand home mortgage refers to loan business where the borrower purchases property from the real estate developer, makes the down payment by himself and borrows money from the Bank to pay the rest with the purchased property as the mortgage. During the loan tenor, the borrower will pay the interest and principal in installment.

Property mortgage consumption loan
About the product:
Property mortgage consumption loan refers to the loan applied by the borrower with personal housing or commercial housing as mortgage which will be used in purchasing house/car/store, refurbishment or travelling, etc.

Featured home mortgage products:
Borrow and save
About the product:
If the home mortgage customer uses “borrow and save” product, a certain proportion of funds in the repayment account of the customer will be regarded as advance repayment, and the saved loan interest will be returned to the customer as WM return.
Balloon loan
About the product:
Balloon loan refers to a type of loan with new repayment mode where loan interest and part of principal will be repaid in installment and the rest principal will be repaid upon maturity. The new repayment mode will help the borrower save interest and make less monthly installment payment.
Bi-weekly repayment
About the product:
“Bi-weekly repayment” refers to a new repayment mode where the repayment frequency is adjusted from monthly to bi-weekly and the repayment amount is reduced by half, so that the loan will be repaid off earlier and less interest will be paid.
Revolving loan
About the product
Revolving loan refers to the scenario where the customer applies for revolving quota to the Bank with his/her property as the maximum mortgage and the customer can make withdrawal at any time according to his/her actual need if the total loan amount is less than the quota; when the customer has adequate funds, he/she can make repayment at any time to save interest. The loan quota can be used in a revolving manner and the interest will be saved to the maximum possible extent.