Honors and Awards 2010

Honors and Awards 2010

☆ Jan. 2010
Jan. 2010, “Most Profitable Bank” – by The 3rd China Institutional Investor Annual Meeting

☆ Feb. 2010
Feb. 2010, “Best CSR Award” – by China Financial Marketing public appraisal hosted by the Banker magazine
Feb. 2010, “Bank with Best Investor Relations” – by “Best Corporate Public Image Award” sponsored by business.sohu.com

☆ Apr. 2010
Apr. 2010, “National Special Internal Publication Award 2009 – 2010” for SDB internal publication Development – by the 9th National Corporate Internal Publication Annual Meeting
Apr. 2010, “Best Brand for Comprehensive Service” for SDB’s WM product brand “Jucaibao” and “Best Innovative Brand” for “Jinwawa” as a new WM product – by “Top 10 Most Trustworthy Bank Wealth Management Brands in 2009” appraisal hosted by China • Banking Wealth Management Summit Forum

☆ May 2010
May 2010, “Prominent Contribution Award” – by Red Cross Society of China

☆ Jun. 2010
Jun. 2010, “Best Growing Bank in China” – by Value Creating Investment Bank Summit hosted by Securities Times
Jun. 2010, “Best Supply Chain Finance Service Bank” – by the 4th China International Logistics and Supply Chain Cooperation Summit Forum

☆ Jul. 2010
Jul. 2010, “Best Service and Management Award in China” for Customer Experience Department of Credit Card Center – by the “5th Best Customer Service in China” appraisal held in Beijing

☆ Aug. 2010
Aug. 2010, “Best Personal Online Banking” for SDB Personal Online Banking – by “Outstanding Finance & Economics Website Public Appraisal” hosted by the Securities Times
Aug. 2010, “Silver Prize of the China Financial Marketing Award” for the marketing of SDB deposit service – by Economic Observer News and Hong Kong Management Association

☆ Sep. 2010
Sep. 2010, “Best Board of Directors in China Main Board Market (Top 50)”, “Best Corporate Governance Board of Directors (Top 10)” and “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Board of Directors (Top 20)” – by “Best Board of Directors Appraisal” hosted by Money Week

☆ Oct. 2010
Oct. 2010, “Best Supply Chain Finance Award” and “Best Offshore Business Award” for SDB Supply Chain Finance and Offshore Business – by 4th China Corporate Financial Innovation Forum and the “Most Trusted Bank of Chinese CFO Award Ceremony 2010”

☆ Nov. 2010
Nov 2010, “21st Century Best Business Model Innovation Award” – by “Best Business Model Appraisal in China” hosted by 21st Century Business Review and 21st Century Business Herald
Nov 2010, “Top Ten & Outstanding Financial Product Serving SMEs and Farmers Honor” for SDB Export AR Pool Financing Product – by “Double Ten Best Service for SMEs and Farmers in 2010” appraisal at the Nationwide Local Financial Forum held in Beijing
Nov 2010, “Excellent Supply Chain Management Case Award” – by 2010 China Supply Chain Management Forum & 5th CSCMP Annual Meeting
Nov 2010, “Excellent SME Service Institution Award” – by 2010 International Leading SME Service Provider Meeting

☆ Dec 2010
Dec 2010, “2010 Best HR Management Company” and “Best Performance Management Company” – by “China Best HRM Companies Appraisal” held by 51job.com in Shanghai (which signals that SDB has become one of the model enterprises in respect of human resources management in China)
Dec 2010, “Best Retail Bank”, “Most Respectable Bank”, “Best Wealth Management Brand” and “Best Marketing & Service Team” for two successive years, “Top Ten Bank WM Product” for “Jinwawa” RMB WM product for the first time – by “Most Respectable Bank & Best Retail Bank Appraisal” hosted by Institute of Finance and Banking of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, FPSB, Banking Research Centre of Central University of Finance and Economics and Money Week Magazine
Dec 2010, “E-commercial Bills Business Promotion Award” – by PBOC (thanks to the outstanding performance in respect of promotion & marketing of e-commercial bills business)
Dec 2010, “Best Supply Chain Finance Service Provider Award” – by “2010 Best Bank in China Appraisal” hosted by Global Finance
Dec 2010, “One-thousand Best Model Units for Disciplined Service in China Banking Industry in 2010” for 15 SDB sub-branches including HQ Outlet, Shenzhen Jiangsu Building Outlet, Shenzhen Nantou Outlet, Guangzhou Dongshan Outlet, Tianjin Branch Outlet and Nanjing Hexi – by China Banking Association.