About PAB

About Ping An Bank

Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. (SZSE stock abbreviation: PAB; stock code: 000001) is a nationwide joint-stock commercial bank headquartered in Shenzhen. It was formerly known as Shenzhen Development Bank Co., Ltd. and renamed as Ping An Bank in July in the same year after the merger of former Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. in June 2012. Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd., together with its subsidiaries, hold in total approximately 58% of Ping An Bank’s shares and therefore is the controlling shareholder of Ping An Bank. As of June 2016, Ping An Bank had 38,600 employees and provided diversified financial services to clients through 58 branches and 1,037 outlets across China.

Adhering to the “customer-oriented (externally) and people-oriented (internally)” philosophy, Ping An Bank continues to “change, innovate and develop”, focusing on “four wheels” (corporate banking, retail banking, interbank trading and investment banking), taking “specialization, intensification, integrated finance and internet finance” as operating strategies, thinking out of the box for the concept of banking, pushing through the supply-side reform in the banking industry, and proactively supporting the development of the real economy in order to facilitate the transformation of China’s economy comprehensively.

Ping An Bank continued to further transform the organizational pattern, and implemented the system of business units. As of June 2016, the Bank had all together 11 product business units, 6 industry business units and 1 platform business unit, forming the “full coverage” model of the business chain comprising seven industries, namely the real estate, energy and mining, transportation, modern logistics, modern agriculture, healthcare and culture and travel, thus better serving the real economy with specialized operation.

As of June 30, 2016, Ping An Bank’s total assets amounted to RMB2,800.983 billion, representing growth of 11.72% from the beginning of the year; balance of all deposits was RMB1,898.348 billion, representing an increase of 9.48% from the beginning of the year, leading its industry peers, with a steady increase in market share; balance of all loans (including discounted bills) reached RMB1,358.021 billion, up by 11.67% from the beginning of the year; operating income was RMB54.769 billion, representing year-on-year growth of 17.59%; operating profit before provisions increased by 28.26% year on year to RMB36.156 billion; net profit was RMB12.292 billion, up by 6.10% year on year; and a capital adequacy ratio of 11.82% were recorded, which met the regulatory requirement.

For the corporate business, as of June 30, 2016, the corporate deposit balance increased by 11.41% from the beginning of the year, while the corporate loan balance (excluding discounted bills) increased by 13.14% from the beginning of the year; the credit balance of trade finance amounted to RMB547.777 billion, representing an increase of 11.38% from the beginning of the year. “Orange-e-Net” platform established by Ping An Bank adheres to the strategic positioning of “supply chain finance + Internet finance”, with an aim to build a comprehensive services ecosystem targeted at industry chain and SME transformation. Innovative “B2B, B2C to C2B” service model efficiently empowered a comprehensive “Internet + industry + finance” development pattern.

For the retail business, as of June 30, 2016, the balance of retail loans (including credit cards) recorded 3.53% growth as compared with the beginning of the year. Assets under management for individual clients increased rapidly to over RMB720 billion at the end of period, up by 8.52% from the beginning of the year. The retail business unit leveraged Ping An Group’s strength of integrated finance and the Bank’s resources of professional platform network, full-ranged licensed products and channels, speeding up customer migration and transformation, and further consolidating the foundation of the retail business. Ping An Bank saw a steady increase in the number of its clients and a continuously optimized client structure. As of June 30, 2016, Ping An Bank had 35.4344 million retail clients, up by 11.57% from the beginning of the year, of which, the number of wealth management clients and the clients meeting private banking standards arrived at 314,900 and 15,700 respectively, up by 10.07% and 8.74% respectively from the beginning of the year. Ping An Bank has kicked off with a profound transformation in its retail business, and started to carry out the retail transformation strategy 2.0, sparing no effort to push forward the transformation of intelligent retail banking by revolving around the 7 key strategies of customer acquisition, intelligent master account, customer base, products, channels, IT and structure. In the future, Ping An will base its retail business on people’s life scenarios, embed integrated financial services in daily-life scenarios, and further upgrade the integrated financial services platform of “One Customer, One Account, Multiple Products, and One-stop Services”.

For the treasury and inter-bank business, Ping An Bank upheld the operating strategy of “smaller capital, better structure, valued clients and good efficiency” under which it sped up the shift of operating model, expanded its customer base and transaction volume and continually optimized the inter-bank assets-liability structure to enhance investment return, reduce inter-bank debt costs and expand net non-interest income sources, thus progressing the optimization of the revenue structure. In 2016, the impact of the three business brands “Gold Bank”, “Options Expert” and “Smart Transaction” of Ping An Bank kept growing. “Hang-E-Tong”, an online interbank platform, has launched diversified products and become a leading financial assets trading platform with transaction volume exceeding RMB2 trillion, serving 1,111 clients, up by about 600 from the beginning of the year.

For the investment banking business of Ping An Bank, as of June 30, 2016, the net non-interest income reached RMB2.278 billion; and the net balance of the assets under custody amounted to RMB4.75 trillion, up by 28.73% from the beginning of the year, bringing about the custody fee income of RMB2 billion, up by 31.67% year on year. Ping An Bank promoted its sector funds as a key area of its investment banking business so as to support real economy and throw itself into key area constructions benefiting to the public welfare; it also attached importance to clients of strategic cooperation, facilitated in-depth cooperation with industry chains and major companies from different sectors and focused on strategic regions and key supported industries set by the Chinese government under the One Belt One Road policy.   

For the small enterprise finance business, amid continued volatility and downside of the macro economy, Ping An Bank continued to optimize the credit structure and cut down loans for the small enterprise clients with excessive credit lines and mounting debts. As of June 30, 2016, the balance of loans under the management of the Small Enterprise Finance Business Unit was RMB81.751 billion, down 12.48% from the beginning of the year. In order to cope with the market change, Ping An Bank launched Dai Dai Ping An Loan Secured by a House with strong guarantees, and the loan balance had amounted to RMB1.250 billion since its launch.

As for the construction of corporate culture, Ping An Bank values employees and fosters talents. We have established a scientific performance assessment and incentive system, providing our staff with a fair evaluation mechanism and varied opportunities to develop; we value talent cultivation and fully utilize Ping An’s integrated finance resources and external high-end training resources to initiate the first management trainee program for integrated finance in the mainland and implement training programs for high potential candidates and Orange Navigation trainees, thus accumulating talent for the development of integrated finance. Meanwhile, we also strived to build the “Family Culture”, initiating caring activities and organizing various health and leisure clubs for our employees in order to relieve them from worries, make sure that they are healthy physically and mentally, and create a Ping An Family for our employees to depend on.

For corporate social responsibility, Ping An Bank fulfils its part actively to make contributions to society. We continue to optimize the social responsibility management system and incorporate corporate sustainability into the overall strategy; we actively develop inclusive finance and promote green credit to support the innovation and development of low-carbon economy, cyclic economy and micro-economy. We convey the positive energy in action and give back to society through providing disaster relief, making donations to schools, helping those underprivileged and offering volunteer services. In 1H 2016, Ping An Bank launched a public-benefit campaign across China, offering products of preventing heatstroke and lowering the temperature to those working outdoors in the hot summer, providing care to them and conveying positive energy in society. This campaign was effectively carried out and widely acclaimed by the public. 

In recent years, Ping An Bank has won honors including “Best Joint Stock Bank of the Year”, “Top 100 Listed Companies Most Respected by Investors”, “Best Bank in Supply Chain Financial Service”; Orange-e-Net received awards including “Top Ten Financial Product Innovation Award” by The Banker and “Excellent Case Award of Online Supply Chain Finance for 2015”; “Ping An Orange” received awards including “Best Business Model for the Year - Innovation Award” by the Chinese Internet Banking Union and “Ten Best Internet Finance Innovations for the Year” by The Banker.

2016 is the starting year for Ping An Bank to adopt the new “three-step” strategy. It will focus on “improving quality and efficiency” to build the “three name cards” of “boutique finance, smart finance, eco-friendly finance”, and promote the full-industry chain financial strategy of the “C+SIE+R” model (core clients + supply chain clients/industry chain clients/ecosystem clients + retail clients).

Going forward, Ping An Bank will continue to rely on the integrated finance platform of Ping An Group, with a view to providing comprehensive integrated financial service experience of “One Customer, One Account, Multiple Products, and One-stop Services” to our clients by initiating the intelligent operating model and pushing forward the supply-side transformation of the Bank to seize the opportunity in the strategic new emerging industries of the nation. Also, by leveraging the core advantage of integrated finance, the Bank will continue to establish new growth points, giving full power on developing retail business and having more intensive and in-depth development for Orange-e-Net to transform and upgrade the business of small enterprises, and reinforcing the asset management business. At the same time, the Bank will continue to strengthen risk management comprehensively by building the powerful strategic guiding ability of the middle and back offices and create greater value for customers, employees, shareholders and the community with differentiated services, sound management and excellent performance!