Honors and Awards 2009

Honors and Awards 2009

☆ Jan 2009, Pool Financing Products in the SDB Supply Chain Finance – Runner-up of the 2nd Shenzhen Financial Innovation Prize;

☆ Jan 2009, Best Annual Corporate Governance of the Year from the New China Perspective Summit of Sohu 2009;

☆ Mar 2009, Best Wealth Management Bank from the Money Talks

☆ Apr 2009, SDB Chain Finance Model – The 1st Prize of Top10 Management Innovation from the PKU Business Review;

☆ Apr 2009, Pool Financing Products in the SDB Supply Chain Finance – Most Popular SME Finance Products by the 4th China Venture Investment & Financing Summit;

☆ Apr 2009, Credit Card Center, 2009 Best Call Center in China, 2009 Call Center Outstanding Contribution Award by Customer Relationship Management Special Committee under China Federation of IT Promotion

☆ Apr 2009, Excellent Bank Wealth Management Growth Brand, 2008 Annual Financial Wealth Management hosted by the 21st Century Business Herald;

☆ May 2009, China Financial Services Practice Award for Outstanding Contribution to Innovation from the 2nd Top10 Competitive Brands Public Survey;

☆ July 2009, Credit Card Center – the Best Service Innovation Award from the Committee of Best Customer Service China;

☆ Aug 2009, Best Mortgage Bank 2008 from the Economic Observer News;

☆ Sep 2009, the Board of Directors – the Best Strategic Decision-making BOD and the Best CSR BOD by the Money Week and the Securities Channel of CCTV;

☆ Sep 2009, Best Supply Chain Management Bank from the Suzhou China Logistics Science and Culture Festival;

☆ Sep 2009, Pool Financing Products – the Best Financing Options for SME in China from the 2nd China SME Financing Forum;

☆ Sep 2009, SDB.com - the Annual Best Bank Website and the Best Independent Innovation Award from the 10th Outstanding Chinese Finance & Economics Website Public Appraisal;

☆ Oct 2009, the Best Supply Chain Finance Award and the Best Offshore Business Award from the 3rd China Financial Innovation Forum;

☆ Oct, 2009, Credit Card Centers - Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders - APCCAL Awards;

☆ Nov 2009, SDB.com – The Best Growing Online Banking” and “Award for Advancement in Investment and Wealth Management Business” by Hexun.com;

☆ Dec 2009, 2009 Excellent & Competitive SME Service Bank from the Excellent & Competitive Financial Institution Public Appraisal 2009;

☆ Dec 2009, the Most Respectable Bank, the Best Retail Bank, the Best Wealth Management Brand and the Best Public Welfare Credit Card Brand from the Most Respectable Financial Institution Public Appraisal 2009;

☆ Dec 2009, 2009 SME Service Bank with Excellent Competitiveness - 2009 Financial Institutions with Excellent Competitiveness;

☆ Dec 2009, The Best Growing Bank 2009 from Sohu Finance Grand Ceremony Online 2009;

☆ Dec 2009, the Development (the SDB Internal Publication) – Elite Business Newspapers Award – the highest acclaim for the corporate internal publication in Shenzhen;