Honors and Awards 2008

Honors and Awards 2008

☆ In November 2008, 12 SDB sub-branches (branch business departments) were awarded the honorary title of “2008 Examplar of Civilization and Normalization in the Banking Industry of  China” given by China Banking Association.

☆ In October 2008, SDB was selected by the People's Government of Shenzhen Municipality and given the title of “Shenzhen Charitable Enterprises Winning the First Charity Award” and the award of “Special Award for Earthquake Relief Donation”.

☆ In November, SDB was awarded “2008 Top 10 Commercial Banks in Supporting SMEs Development” in the Third Chinese SME Entrepreneurs Annual Forum.

☆ In November 2008, SDB won the “Best Innovative Technology Award” of the “2008 Award for Excellent Performance” in 2008 (the fourth) Annual Forum on Competitive Edge of Chinese Enterprises.

☆ In December 2008, SDB was awarded “2008 Top 10 Entities with Outstanding Corporate Image” in the Second Annual Forum on Image Management of Chinese Enterprises sponsored by China Culture Administration Society.

☆ On December 5, 2008, in the second selection of “China Best Banking WM Products” sponsored by “Wealth Management Weekly”, SDB WM service won six awards: 2008 —— “Tianji Wealth” Management Center was awarded “Best Bank WM Center”; “Jucaibao”-series RMB WM products were awarded “China Top 10 Bank WM Product”; “Jucaibao” Feiyue Plan – 2008 No.2 (CO2 Linked) RMB WM Product was awarded “Best Global Discovery Capability WM Product”; “Gold Bill”-series RMB WM products won the “Best Risk Control WM Product Award”; SDB Individual WM service won the “Most Growable WM Service Award”; Mortgage credit card was awarded “Credit Card Brand with Most Innovative Functions”.

☆ In 2008, SDB won the “30-Year Chinese Brand Innovation Award”.

☆ In 2008, With the operating revenue of 10.80759 billion yuan SDB was ranked No.430 among 2008 Top 500 Chinese enterprises.

☆ In 2008, SDB was awarded “China Outstanding Finance and Securities Website” and “Most Innovative Bank Website” for the third consecutive time in the ninth selection of “China Outstanding Finance and Securities Websites”.

☆ SDB won the “2008 China Best Customer Service Award for Online Banking” in China Online Banking Annual Conference.

☆ The mortgage credit card won the “Best Innovation Award of China Prominent Marketing Award” in the sixth selection of China prominent marketing award, and won the “Best Function Innovation Award” in 2008•Finance•Influences China Forum.

☆ The credit card center won “2008 China Best Contact Center”-series award.

☆ SDB won the best personal credit award (China region) in the selection of 2008 prominence award of Asian bankers for retail financial services.