Honors and Awards 2005~2007

Honors and Awards 2007

☆ In 2007, SDB was awarded the fourth Top 10 influencing Chinese brand.
☆ In 2007 and 2008, SDB was consecutively given the title of “Enterprise with Prominent Contributions to Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility”
☆ In 2007, SDB won the “Special Contribution Award for SME Financing” in 21st Century Asia Finance Annual Conference “2007 Ranking of Asian Banks in Competitive Edge” report release ceremony.
☆ In 2007, “SDB Website” once again won the awards of “China Outstanding Finance and Securities Website” and “Most Innovative Bank Website”.
☆ In 2007, SDB was awarded Shenzhen “2007 Entity with prominent performance in statistics in financial industry” and “Advanced Entity in Internal Audit”. 
☆ In 2007, the NPA operation and management model of SDB won the third prize of “2007 Shenzhen Financial Innovation” award.
☆ SDB “supply chain finance” won awards for many times. In 2008, it won the gold prize of Harvard “Business Review” Management Action Award, was awarded “2007 Best Business Model” in 2007 “Business Forum•2007 China Best Business Models Peak”, and won the prominent performance award for international financial product innovation in the international financial capital peak forum.
☆ In 2007 first selection of China best bank WM products, SDB “Jucaibao” series won the awards of 2007 First Top 10 Bank WM Product and 2007 Most Potential Award of China Bank WM Products for IPO Subscription.
☆ In 2007 “First Release Conference of China Credit Cards Ranking”, the development credit card of SDB was awarded card holder’s favorite.

Honors and Awards 2006

☆ In 2006, SDB was awarded “Top 10 Chinese Financial Institutions in Development” in “China International Finance Forum 2006” jointly held by CCPIT, CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee and IIF.
☆ In 2006, SDB was awarded Top 10 listed company with investment value in the second “Public Securities Cup” “TOP10 Chinese Listed Companies in Competitive Edge and Public Reliability” survey.
☆ In 2006, SDB won the “Online Banking Risk Prevention Award” in “China Online Banking Annual Conference, 2006 Online Banking Award Ceremony”.
☆ In the first selection of China best bank WM products in 2006, SDB “Tianji Wealth” was awarded the best private WM brand and the best bank WM product brand.
☆ In 2006 annual WM products selection, SDB “Juhuibao” won the most attention-getting award for FX WM products.

Honors and Awards 2005

☆ SDB 95501 was awarded Top 10 Satisfying Brand of China Call Centers in the first selection of China consumers’ (users’) favorite (most satisfying) brands in 2005.